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my money disappeared

please tell me how it is possible that my balance was at certain amount yesterday and today after topping up using ecocash to bank my amount has just decreased to the lowest amount i cant imagine....noone has used my card or withdraw money from the account....tell me whats going on dear bank....

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Kindly advise why my balance has decreased and is not reflective of the balance I had. Regards

I notice my balance has reduced and l even owe the bank about $800, don't understand

Kind regards

Same problem here

Same problem here. I did not receive sms alert when I received money, did bank to wallet through ecocash, Then my balance just disappeared after that. Please help!!!!

i did a bank to wallet transfer and my bank deduction was way greater than the amount transferred 

mine just did that today and i need an explanation from these guys

My account just went to balance Zero without any transaction. NMB, please sort out your problems. If your App is not working - please suspend it until you have resolved your issues. While you have created a Zero balance, you keep deducting $0.12 every time I try to check the balance as if its my problem. I hope you will reverse those fictitious charges.

My account is showing zero balance yet i received a significant amount from someone?

Kindly assist.

i did another bank to wallet transaction of $60 but nothing happened in my ecocash wallet yesterday i went to the bank they said it will be reversed yesterday or today but today i called my branch they say they need my ecocash statement but i need to use my money how can i do my transaction if my money is not reversed i need to pay my bills please help me i need to use my money 

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