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Transfare from nmb account to ecocash

Good day I made a transfare from my Nmb account to ecocash on the 24th of December around 1100hrs. But i did not recieve any money through ecocash.i further went to Nmb eastgate to get my issue resolved and they assured me that they have sent an email for the reversal of my money and funds will be reversed on Thursday after the holiday. I sent a ticket through your support unit but I have not received any response. I understand there was a holiday in between but today it's now Friday. May you kindly advise the process to get my money I really need to use it today.

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I had the same issue on Xmas day where I transferred money to my ecocash but was never credited but my bank account was debited. There has been zero response ever since.

Can not transfer money from my account to ecocash account.

can not transfer money from my account to ecocash account
Hie how are you.My account was linked with ecocash but l cant access transaction from my nmb account to ecocash
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