NMB Bank offers mortgages for the purchase of residential and commercial properties as well as home extensions and improvements. Home improvements may include but are not limited to, boreholes, driveways, swimming pools, perimeter walls, electric gates, solar lighting and heating systems.

We currently offer short term USD mortgage loans to salaried individuals whose salaries are channeled through NMB Bank. If one wants to purchase a property, they are required to raise a minimum of 25% of the purchase price as a deposit and the bank considers the balance as a mortgage loan. Our current mortgage tenor for the USD mortgage is currently 18 months (1.5 years), and the interest rate is 15% p.a.  

We also have stands for Sale via cash or mortgages under the terms and conditions below: 



Number of stands/units 

Average stand size 


Hopeville, Bulawayo 



US$30 per square meter 

St Ives, Chinhoyi 



US$27 per square meter 

Brockdale, Bindura 







Mortgage Sales will be under the following terms and conditions; 

q  Deposit 25% 

q  Valuation fees USD300 per unit/stand 

q  Tenor 5 years 

q  Interest 15% p.a. 

q  Establishment fees (2% of loan amount) 

q  USD100 Non-refundable Application Fee 


Outright purchase 

This is when an individual want to purchase a property/stand. The individual has to raise a deposit of 25% and the bank finances the balance subject to that person's income. The tenor is 18 months at 15% per annum for the USD facility and 36 months at 120% for the ZWL facility. 

The Diaspora Mortgage 

The Diaspora Mortgage coexists with the USD equity release facility or USD outright purchase. In addition to the requirements for the USD equity release or USD outright purchase, please find attached the additional requirements for the Diaspora Mortgage.


Employer-assisted Mortgage Scheme

NMB Bank offers mortgages under the employer-assisted scheme, where advances are given to employees against their employer's investments with the bank. Loans under this scheme are offered at significantly lower interest rates. In addition, no deposit is required.

Property Remortgage or Equity Release

This is for individuals who already have properties in their name and would want to unlock value by purchasing another property, finance property improvements, working capital etc. The facility comes in both USD and ZWL and the requirements are as per attached.

Dream House Savings Account

This is a Mortgage lending related product suited for individuals who want to save towards the 25% deposit requirement for a Mortgage loan.Upon raising the required deposit through the Dream House Savings account, one can then apply for a Mortgage loan which is subject to the relevant terms and conditions.


It is a zero cost account with no withdrawal fees and monthly service fees. The account should have a minimum balance of US$50, and regular deposits should be made into it. The minimum investment period before any withdrawals can be made is 12 months. An Interest rate of up to 7% p.a is earned on an incremental balance basis and capitalised monthly. This means that you earn more interest on a higher balance.

Please note for further clarity you may engage our mortgage department and our real estate department on the below emails,







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