NMB Diaspora Mortgages

This mortgage facility is meant for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

Terms and Conditions

 Interest rate of 12% p.a

 Once-off establishment fees of 2% of the loan amount

 Once-off valuation fees of 1% of the loan amount

 Certified copies of the national ID, residence and work permit.

 An affidavit signed by a notary public confirming identity, residence and work status.

 Letter from the employer confirming salary, retirement age and contract of employment.

 Pay slips for three consecutive months.

 Six months bank statement from the Bank into which salary is paid.

 Letter from the Bank confirming the authenticity of the statements.

 Must operate an account with NMB Bank which shall be used for repayments.

 Special power of attorney for the person signing the documents on your behalf

 Unlimited guarantee by the appointed power of attorney.

 Report from the main credit reference bureau in the country of residence.

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