1. NOSTRO FCA account requirements for an existing account holders;

If you already have an account, you simply fill in a consent form and submit it at your nearest Branch.


2. NOSTRO FCA account requirements for new account holders;


Requirements for opening a personal FCA Current Account

  • Proof of residence e.g. ZESA, TelOne or Municipality bill (not more than 3 months)
  • Copy of national I.D., driver’s licence or valid passport
  • Two passport sized photos
  • Copy of current payslip 
  • Initial deposit of USD $20 - or the equivalent in Rand, Pula, Pounds or Euro. 

3. Nostro account opening online;


You can also open an instant Nostro account via *241#.  

• Dial *241#
• Select Option 2: Open New NMB Account
• Agree to TC's
• Select Either Option 1: Individual ZWL Account / Option 2: Individual USD Nostro Account
• Enter National ID in this format(07000000Q99)
 • Enters Date of Birth in the format (yyyy-MM-dd) e.g 1990-11-20

You may also open a current account using the NMBConnect Application-
• Select the type of account required
• Select the currency
• Click yes or no on the citizen section
• Go through the requirements
• Click next
• Enter your personal information
• Enter your contact details
• Enter your employment details
• Upload your documents
• Sign
• Accept the terms and conditions
• Select the branch of your choice
 • Select the services you would like to be linked to

For more information on our current charges kindly follow this link https://nmbz.co.zw/business-conditions/