1. NMB NostroLite Account is a low-cost foreign currency account for Individuals who earn or trades in forex. It can be open by Diasporas', Students studying abroad and Tobacco farmers with seasonal income. The account can be linked to Mobile Banking, used for DStv payments and linked to your Ecocash Diaspora account. The account gives you access to Visa Prefunded Card. You can open the account on the NMB Connector provided you have existing NMBLite accounts. You can view and download statements. The account does not have a minimum balance and monthly turnover is USD1,000 per month.
  2. You can open your nostro lite account online through the following link https://www.nmbconnectonline.co.zw/nmbconnectonline/
  3. Alternatively you can open your new nostro account by dialing USSD*241# select option 02 Open New NMB Account.