NMBConnect Online is NMB Bank's Internet banking platform. To register please click on the forms link below and download the enrollment forms. Print, complete, scan the forms and send to support@nmbz.co.zw.  Afterwards, you will receive a link via email with detailed instructions on how to proceed. NMBConnect Online offers but not limited to: 

Digital One-Time-Password on every login for enhanced  


Bulk Payments Processing.  

Integrated Customer Dashboard displaying linked accounts.  

Balances and recent activity.  

Download the full statement.  

Funds Transfer

RTGS reference numbers received on email in 3 minutes.  

View, print, send and download proof of payments.  

Get IMT Tax exemptions after being vetted and the automatic exemption for similar future transactions.  

Bill payments to registered billers.  

Airtime purchase for Netone, Telecel, Econet.  

Additionally, if you have a personal NMB account, you can also register for NMBConnect Online via https://nmbconnectonline.nmbz.co.zw/nmbconnectonline/