SME lending 

Currently we have short-term working capital loans, overdrafts, order financing and discounting facilities with 

    tenures of up to 6 months, 

    interest rate is up to 65%. 

    Loan amount- there is no maximum per say, the amount depends on the borrowing need and ability of the company to generate cash flows to repay the loan within the stipulated period. 

Requirements include 

    an application letter stating the amount required and purpose,

    Description of business operations - main business activities, suppliers, customers, swot analysis, profile and experience of shareholders and senior management, cashflow projections for the ensuing 12 months, financial statements for the past 2 years, latest management accounts, 

    Proposed security for the facility (this should be a 1st mortgage bond over a town property). 

    Kindly get in touch with an account manager in our SME department or corporate banking on Telephone (0242)775150-2 or on email