NMBConnect is NMB Banks Digital Banking Platform.  It is accessible via *241# and through the application that you can download from the google play or app store. The following serves are available on NMBconnect App.

    Open an NMBLite ZWL Account and instant activation through an EcoCash deposit

    Open an NMB NostroLite Account

    Make RTGS/Zipit/Zipit to Ecocash  payments

    Self-register on EcoCash, that is, linking your bank account with an EcoCash wallet

    Self-register for NMB Mobile banking

    View and download Account statements

    Fund a Visa Prefunded Card from a Nostro Account

    Check Visa Prefunded Card balance

    View and download Visa Prefunded Card Statement

    Top-up a TapCard from an NMB account or EcoCash wallet

    Check TapCard balance

    View and download TapCard statements

    Block and unblock a lost or stolen card