1. You can receive foreign currency deposits in one of two ways. Through a telegraphic transfer into your Nostro FCA account or a cash collection point from our branches through World Remit or Small World. You can request the teller to processes your remittance receipt into your Nostro account at the point of collection or collect funds from any of our branches use the following link for all branches, addresses and contact details https://nmbz.co.zw/branches/
  2. The send money abroad service is currently available for Corporate clients only, subject to availability of funds and the RBZ priority payments list. Please contact our International Banking Team for further information using the email address  foreignbanking@nmbz.co.zw.Follow this link to see the correspondent banking details. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nF9ly_Q0DFNleMnRV4a4YZMcgqJ0Qr1E?usp=sharing