The NMB Diaspora Mortgage facility is meant for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. The requirements are as follows : 

    Certified copies of the national ID, residence and work permit.

    An affidavit signed by a notary public confirming identity, residence and work status.

    Letter from the employer confirming salary, retirement age and contract of employment.

    Payslips for three consecutive months.

    Six months bank statement from the Bank into which salary is paid.

    Letter from the Bank confirming the authenticity of the statements.

    Must operate an account with NMB Bank which shall be used for repayments.

    Special power of attorney for the person signing the documents on your behalf

    Unlimited guarantee by the appointed power of attorney.

    Report from the main credit reference bureau in the country of residence.

Contact our Mortgages Department for more information on current information on charges please follow the link below.